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1924 Gibson F-5 mandolin, Feb 18 first batch

2003 Gilchrist model 5

1998 Randy Wood F-5 mandolin standard

1951 Martin D-18 guitar

1956 D-28 Martin guitar

1956 Martin D-21 guitar - sold

1953 Martin D-28 guitar addy top

1946 Martin D-28 guitar

1929 TB-1 banjo, fatboy rim, with Frank Neat 5 string neck

1936 Dobro (California made) model 27 EX original

1937 K-Meyer 3/4 Double Bass - sold

Vintage Instruments

March 31, 1924 Gibson F-5 Lloyd Loar #75950: 90-year-old sound, 1990's price

March 16, 1923 Gibson F-5 Lloyd Loar #72450: One of the best of the best

March 31, 1924 Gibson F-5 Lloyd Loar mandolin with fern inlay... PRISTINE!

February 26, 1923 Gibson Lloyd Loar F-5 #72209: The Holy Grail of mandolins!

1939 Martin D-18 #73800: Stunning sounding forward-X Addy-top BEAST!!

2009 Nugget F-5 mandolin with custom fern inlay

New Instruments

Randy Wood matching F-5 mandolin and H-5 mandola: as a set, or individually.  Amazing quality at an affordable price!

Randy Wood F-5 Varnish #3612
Randy Wood F-5 "Mandolin Central" custom pumpkin top: the last of a limited edition set!
Randy Wood Style "O" guitar: amazing sound in this small body: stylized as a combination of the best qualities of the pre-war L-1 and the X-braced banner LG-2s! 

Duff Mandolins: From the Land Down Under comes a mandolin family of instruments making their mark worldwide.

2005 Duff F-5 mandolin #10105: X-brace, radius board

Wade Mandolins: There is no better mandolin at this price range anywhere in the world!

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