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1924 Gibson A2-Z.  A beautiful example of this highly sought-after model.  For many, there is no finer oval hole mandolin, and this one is not only in perfect condition, but has the wonderful rich sound and ease of play for which these beauties are known.

1936 Gibson F-7 mandolin, all original excellent condition.  Sound like early Monroe!!

Pasquale Pecoraro, signature model, 1980 Roma; beautiful Italian classical mandolin; exquisite sound.

1923 Gibson K-4, all original Loar era redburst mandocello; dramatic & enormous power!

1923 Gibson H-4, all original Loar era redburst mandola.  Perfect match to the ‘cello.

2012 Randy Wood octave mandolin; great design, inspiring sound and playability.

Stefan Sobel celtic mandolin…bright, distinctive sound for Celtic or Choro

1954 D-28 Martin guitar

1929 TB-1 banjo, fatboy rim, with Frank Neat 5 string neck

1936 Dobro (California made) model 27 EX original

Vintage Instruments

March 16, 1923 Gibson F-5 Lloyd Loar #72450: One of the best of the best

March 31, 1924 Gibson F-5 Lloyd Loar mandolin with fern inlay... PRISTINE!

New Instruments

Randy Wood matching F-5 mandolin and H-5 mandola: as a set, or individually.  Amazing quality at an affordable price!

Randy Wood F-5 Varnish #3612
Randy Wood F-5 "Mandolin Central" custom pumpkin top: the last of a limited edition set!
Randy Wood Style "O" guitar: amazing sound in this small body: stylized as a combination of the best qualities of the pre-war L-1 and the X-braced banner LG-2s! 

Duff Mandolins: From the Land Down Under comes a mandolin family of instruments making their mark worldwide.

2005 Duff F-5 mandolin #10105: X-brace, radius board

Wade Mandolins: There is no better mandolin at this price range anywhere in the world!

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