Legendary luthier Randy Wood will build one of his professional grade mandolins just for you!


Randy Wood Mandolins Front
Randy Wood Mandolins back

For the last three decades, Randy Wood has administered repair and restoration to countless original Loar signed F-5s and built his own instruments in that classic style. These beautiful handmade instruments are in our opinion the finest sounding Blue Grass mandolins made today. 

New Randy Wood Prototype.  Randy has designed the ultimate mandolin of his career, complete with extraordinary wood selection, oil varnish finish, hide glue assembly, fern perghead inlay, hand engraved silverplated hardware, Waverly tuners.  We now have the prototype of this new model in stock. Now available for $12,500

Models made by Randy Wood in the past:

Randy Wood F-5 Supreme Spirit varnish, choicest red spruce and fiddleback maple, silver plated engraved hardware, tap tuned like the1920s F-5s, hide glue assembly, engraved mother of pearl scroll and flowerpot peghead, Calton standard case.

Randy Wood F-5 Standard Lacquer finish, gold hardware, tap tuned, RW mother of pearl logo, flowerpot, shaped case.

Randy Wood A-5 Redesigned for improved tone and playability, with bridge and f-holes centered in top. Fleur-de-lis, RW mother of pearl logo

Randy Wood H-5 Mandola  Same specifications as the RWF-5 Standard, this tenor voiced instrument sings like an F-5, only in a lower register.

Randy Wood Mandocello

Randy Wood Octave Mandolin