1971 Paganoni Model B, #5

1971 Paganoni Model B number 5.  John Paganoni, along with Randy Wood and Bob Givens, was a pioneer of the F-5 copy that filled a badly needed void for Bluegrass players in the 1970s.  Paganoni’s legend grew as Doyle Lawson popularized the sound of his mandolins playing model B #4.  This is the next mandolin off that bench.  Beautiful and Loar-like in appearance, this is a Bluegrass player’s dream.  At some point, the Bluegrass highway took its toll on this instrument and the top caved in.  This created an opportunity for luthier Don McCrostie of “Red Diamond” fame to step in and give a complete makeover.  With a perfectly matched distressed “Crusher” top and a perfectly compensated fingerboard, this mandolin sings as never before.  Here is an opportunity to get the legend of Paganoni with the “Crusher” sound for a price much less than you might pay for a Red Diamond.  Features include fern peghead inlay, relic tuners, broad leaf maple back, red spruce “Crusher” top, compensated bridge and fingerboard.  This mandolin was used by Wayne Benson of IIIrd Tyme Out and by Russel Johnson during his stint with the Earls of Leicester.  Includes original Paganoni “Loar” style case.  $13500.