This album features solo performances by Tony Williamson on a baker's dozen of the world's finest mandolins, most of which were signed and dated by the legendary acoustical engineer Lloyd Loar.  A team of brilliant craftsmen built these instruments in the Gibson factory of Kalamazoo, Michigan in a two year period beginning December of 1922, except for two which were shipped out a few years later with no signatures.  All instruments on this CD are preserved in original condition except #87367 which has been restored to period correct condition.  They were set up identically and strung with D'Addario EXP74 strings.  Each mandolin (except #71635: Crusher) was played studio live into a pair of vintage Neumann u47 microphones and delivered through Neve pre-amps.  There were no electronic effects or EQ used in mixing and only minimum room placement employed in mastering.  It is our hope that you can hear the natural brilliance of these amazing instruments and also that you may appreciate the subtle differences in their tonal nuance.  Check back often to this page, as over time we be adding more photos, history and details of each individual instrument and stories about the songs:  please stay tuned!


Songs & Mandolins:

(links: click on the names for stories; serial numbers for photos and Lloyd Loar's signature!)

Theme / Twin River Rag...played on the Gold 'Un,  F-5 #79719 signed by Lloyd Loar on 12/1/24

All Of Me... Cleveland  #75696  2/18/24

Secret Love... Tiger   #72211   2/26/23

Manha de Carnival/Tico Tico... Short Fern  #87367

Cherokee... Crusher # 71635 12/20/22 
(Crusher made available courtesy David Grisman and Acoustic disc)

Satin Doll... Lloyd's Other Brother Lloyd # 72450 3/16/23

Never Find Another You... The Fern #84682

Dusty Miller... Mon  #73994  7/9/23

Fiddle Tunes 
(Arkansas Traveler, Soldier's Joy, Forked Deer, Ragtime Annie, Coloured Aristocracy)
... the twenty-two   #71633   12/20/22

 Ain't Misbehavin'... Ziebarth   #72857   4/12/23
What Is This Thing Called Love...Fred   #75702    2/18/24

Lovely Hula Hands...the Green Hornet   #72060    2/8/23 

Song For Aimée ...  Lloyd #75941 3/31/24

Lloyd Loar Mandolin Song ... Lloyd #75941 3/31/24 

scale A:  The Fern #84682
scale B:  Fred #75702 2/18/24
scale C:. 22 #71633 12/20/22
scale D:  Cleveland #75696 2/18/24
scale E:  2006 Paul Duff F-5 
scale F:  Gold 'un #79719 12/1/24
scale G:  Green Hornet  #72060 2/8/23 
scale H:  Lloyd #75941 3/31/24 
scale I:  Lloyd's other brother Lloyd # 72450 3/16/23
scale J:  Mon  #73994 7/9/23
scale K:  Short Fern  #87367
scale L:  Tiger #72211 4/26/23
scale M:  Zeibarth #72857 4/12/23

Produced by Tony Williamson for Mandolin Central Publishing, Inc.

Mandolin Tech: Ben Maschal of Old Invention Guitars

Photography:   Ben Maschal and Tony Williamson 

Layout, design and post production coordination:  Andrew H. Williamson

All songs recorded and mixed by Jerry Brown at the Rubber Room in Chapel Hill, NC on August 16 & 17, 2011 except "Cherokee", which was produced, recorded, edited, and mixed  by David Grisman at Dawg Studios in August of 2005.
Mastered by Jerry Brown, Rubber Room, Chapel Hill, NC 

This recording of "Cherokee" first appeared on the album "Tone Poets" (ACD 62) used courtesy Acoustic Disc

(c) 2011 Mandolin Central Publishing, Inc.