Bluegrass! by The Williamson Brothers


Bluegrass! by The Williamson Brothers


New CD from an allstar band that includes a pair of brothers, Grammy and IBMA winners and nominees and a whole lot of fine pickin' and singing!

"We've been hosting Learned Place Concerts for a decade now, featuring great acoustic music in a variety of "Southern Roots" styles.  There's been no higher pleasure for us or our audience than hearing Tony and Gary and the All-Star Band perform the songs on this album the night before they went to work in the studio.   We knew that Tony is a mandolin magician but we weren't prepared for the wondrous singing; we've heard no finer voice than Gary Williamson, and the brother harmonies are astonishingly beautiful.  They evoke the deep historical roots of the finest traditional music, a time before internet, before TV, before radio and even before recorded music.   Backward looking and often nostalgic for the Old Home Place, skeptical about "progress," disdainful of materialism -- focused on family and community, sin and salvation, on the trials and imperfections of life on earth and hope for a better world.   The happy songs are often tinged with sadness, but the sad songs are always suffused with hope.  Music like this is one of the joys in this imperfect world, and Tony and Gary and their All-Star band deliver the joy -- you can't beat Don and Marty Lewis, Bert Sprye, Craig Smith and Don Wright  to bring virtuosity and energy to this fine recording."

--Jim Roberts and Deborah Jakubs
Learned Place Music

"Bluegrass!" by the Williamson Brothers


Tony and Gary Williamson: mandolin, guitar and vocals
Don and Marty Lewis, the Sons of Ralph: fiddle and guitar
Craig Smith*: banjo
Don Wright+: banjo
Robert "Bert" Sprye: bass 


First Step of the Journey +...  Tony Williamson & Don Lewis

I Miss My Dear Mother and Dad *  .... Shadee Lee & Wilbur Clark

Over In the Sky *  ... Tony & Gary Williamson

Thunderclouds of Love +  .... Hylo Brown

John Hardy *...   traditional, arr. Tony & Gary Williamson

When It's Lamplighting Time In The Valley *  ... (Harold Goodman / Sam C. Hart / Joe Lyons / Curt Poulton / Dean Upson)

The Wreck of the Old 97 * traditional, arr. Gary Williamson

I Live In the Past +   ...Virginia Stauffer

When The Angels Carry Me Home + ....Charlie Monroe

Song For Jimmy Campbell * ... Tony Williamson

Don't Let Your Sweet Love Die +  ...(C.Van Ness/Z.Manners)

Lonesome Road Blues +  .... traditional, arr. Tony & Gary Williamson

(bonus track) Green The Grow Lilacs  ...traditional, learned from Tex Ritter

Produced by Tony Williamson for Flatt Mountain Records

Executive Producers: Gary and Tony Williamson and Randy Wood

Photography:   Ben Maschal, Jim Roberts, Shaena Mallett and Tony Williamson 

Layout, design and post production coordination:  Andrew H. Williamson

All songs recorded by Jason Richmond  at SoundPure in Durham, NC and mixed there by Tim Austin and Jason Richmond

Mastered by Bill Wolf

(c) 2013 Mandolin Central Publishing, Inc.  

We would like to thank each and every wonderful artist who is credited on this CD--musicians, songwriters and the technological geniuses--, we extend our highest regards, praise and thanks. We send many thanks to April and Velna who stand by us every step of the way  We also thank all  the wonderful spirits who inspired us including Ralph Lewis, Shadee Lee Clark, and the many other legends of the music we love; and to the one who taught us music, inspired us to love playing at a very early age, and provided the opportunity, the instruments and the support: our father and favorite banjo player, W.G. Williamson, who ultimately instilled his own love of music in us.  
--Tony and Gary Williamson, April, 2013.

...and much gratitude to my beautiful and brilliant wife Andrea, without whom this recording would never have been undertaken.  During the two-year process that culminated in this album, from choosing material to recording and performing, she has been my muse: a delightful inspiration who has filled my world with sweetness, encouragement, excitement and realization as no other ever has or ever could! 
--Tony Williamson, April 2011 thru April 2013

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