1932 Gibson model AO mandolin # 88751, FON 255. This humble little mandolin is right out of the closet, acquired from the daughter of the original owner.  It is a virtual time capsule, left untouched for many years and now singing once again as it had so many times in the past, as is evidenced by the pick wear on the top.  Also, found in the case, an endearing instruction method by which he presumably learned music. To make the sound and playability optimal, our luthiers have carefully gone through it and lovingly sealed any loose seams with original style hide glue, installed “relic” tuners for optimal tuning (we have the original worn tuners in the original chip board case) and provided set up for another generation of beautiful music.   


Introduced in 1923, model AO was offered at $35 to give players on a budget an opportunity to get that same great Gibson sound as was offered in the more expensive models.  Interestingly, it has most of the same features as the higher models such as the tap-tuned carved top and back, of spruce and birch, respectively; elevated tortoise-acetate pick guard; adjustable truss rod and compensated bridge. Other features include ebony nut and fingerboard, dark brown finish, bound top and sound hole and “Gibson” silk-screened on the peghead.  Now, as in 1932, here is an opportunity to get that great golden era Gibson sound for a price that a modern player can afford.  Only $1200!