1928 Gibson F4  # 83978, FON 9000


1928 Gibson F-4  # 83978, FON 9000.  This instrument includes many features of the Loar-era F-4 including truss rod and adjustable bridge; maple back and sides in redburst finish; one-piece slab-cut maple neck; single white binding on body, fingerboard and peg head; metal bracket with screw-on-rim mounted pick guard.   Features that depart from Loar-era specifications include nitrocellulose finish (the early version without “smoother”); round-end tuners with worm gear positioned above round gear; the engraved abalone single flower-pot and mother-of-pearl“The Gibson” logo are repositioned to balance the peg head (a result of the change in tuner placement).  This instrument is in excellent playing condition.  It shows wear consistent with extended playing time including pick scratches under the pick guard where the mandolin was obviously used with pick guard removed.  However, all parts are original and extant, including case, and it is set up for easy play and great sound. The tone is slightly different form the earlier varnish instruments in that it tends more toward crisp and clean than warm and complex. The long history of playing time has given this F-4 a very lively sound with plenty of volume.  Price: $6000.