925 Paramount Style B Tenor Banjo #4612, Wm L Lange, manufacturer.  Here is one right out of the closet!  Original condition, well played and well cared for, this is an absolute time capsule, presented to us by the daughter of the original owner who had passed away some years ago. This is an unusual Style B, as it has a fancy peg head overlay consistent with the “Aristocrat” model and neck and resonator of white maple as per style A; It has the Style B fingerboard and “Style B” is engraved in pearl inlay in the center of the peg head. Perhaps this was a custom order?  Other features include 11 inch head, Rogers 5 star calfskin head, Page geared tuners, Paramount locking tailpiece and flange, nickel plated metal parts, original head adjustment key and mute included in original gold-lined case, along with sets of period strings!  Play wear on the armrest back of neck and resonator, otherwise excellent condition. In 1925, this banjo retailed for $130, it was considered a very fine banjo.  It is ironic indeed that at that time it sold for almost twice what a Gibson RB-75 sold for in the late ‘30s, and today’s market would put the RB-75 in a 6 digit digit price range!  Had Early Scruggs played a Paramount, we would not be offering this great sounding, amazingly intact original banjo from nearly a century ago for a mere $950!