Lloyd Loar Gibson F-5 Mandolin #75709 

Gibson F-5 # 75709, signed by Lloyd Loar on February 18, 1924.  Virzi # 10022.  It is with great pride and an overwhelming sense of nostalgia that we now offer for sale the magnificent Gibson F-5 that was originally sold to Joseph F. Rybka in 1924 and was the lead voice in the Rybka Mandolin Orchestra of Portland, OR in the 1920s. This is the third time we have had this mandolin, and look forward to putting it into the hands of another great steward. Without question this is one of the best preserved and greatest sounding of the Loar “dark” mandolins.  


Features and appointment on this mandolin are consistent with factory specifications for this model and year and include the classic red spruce tap tuned top and parallel tone bar construction with f-holes and long, one-piece slab-cut curly maple neck(which places the bridge in the center of the f-holes); back and sides of sugar maple with a unique chevron grain design in the back; headstock inlay consisting of “The Gibson” in mother-of-pearl and abalone flowerpot; pearl button tuners with notched endplate; hand-engraved tailpiece; pick guard following body points; all hardware silver plated; and dark Cremona shaded-sunburst varnish finish.  The original tuners, screws and bushings are extant and with the mandolin, as is the pick guard assembly, and original Geib and Sons case, which is completely intact but shows some travel wear. 


Gibson F-5 #75709 comes to us today in remarkable original condition, having just very small evidence of playwear on the back of the neck in the first position.  For an instrument that has seen this much playing time, the condition is very impressive.  The only alteration from original factory specification is that the Virzi Tone Producer has been removed.  For more on the Virzi and why such an instrument was attached and even more appropriately, why it was removed, please seehttp://www.realgroovemusic.com/feb-18th-my-mandolins-birth.html .  Suffice it to say that this mandolin has a wonderful sound, plenty of power and sonority.  It is a classic example of the dark, moody, chocolatey sound of the late Loars.


This is a magnificent 92 year-old piece of history, ready to make amazing music for another 92 years.  Now applying for a new home, please inquire for pricing!