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Lloyd Loar Identification Contest



Win $1000 worth of merchandise from Mandolin Central!

As you enjoy the program of the CD "Lloyd Loar Mandolins", listen carefully to the tone of each different mandolin.  There are 14 tracks, played on 13 different mandolins, all of which are identified on the liner note insert. At the end of the CD, there are bonus tracks identified only as scale A through M.  Each scale is played on a different one of the 1920s Loar era F-5s (except Crusher) heard on the CD, except one which features a modern mandolin by world class Australian luthier, Paul Duff. 

Purchase of the CD "Lloyd Loar Mandolins" by Tony Williamson is required for entry.

Order Now!

Match the sound of each scale to the sound of the mandolins on the program, write the name of the mandolin in the space provided on the postcard insert in your CD, and may the best set of ears win!  The person with the most correct answers will receive a $1000 gift certificate from Mandolin Central, and may use it toward the purchase of any items for sale on the website or in the store.  In the event of a tie, there will be a random drawing to choose a winner and a consolation prize of our choosing for the runner(s) up who tied the winner. 

Winner will be announced at Tony Williamson’s “Lloyd Loar Mandolins” set scheduled for Friday April 27 at Merlefest 2012!!

The “Lloyd Loar identification contest” is the sole responsibility of Mandolin Central Publishing, Inc., and in no way indemnifies Merlefest, D’Addario, Acoustic Disc or any other entity associated with the support, promotion or distribution of this CD or related concerts.  The Merlefest logo is a registered trademark of Merlefest and is used here with permission. All rights reserved. Merlefest is not a sponsor or a participating partner in this offer.

Purchase of CD is required for entry, the entry form is supplied with all CDs purchased prior to April 2012.  Simply fill out the card enclosed and affix appropriate postage.  We also plan to have a page with the various stamps that arrive here from all over the world, so feel free to use your favorite stamp.  You must include name, address and email for entry, but no information of this type will be shared or used in any way shape or form for spam, junk mail or unwanted contact.  The winner will be announced at Merlefest, but presence is not required for winning.  The prize will be awarded in the form of a gift certificate which will be be availalbe at Merlefest, or in the case of absent winner, will be mailed soon after the festival.

People involved in the recording of this project and their families will not be eligible for prizes.


A:  __________
B: ___________
D: __________
E: ___________
F: ___________
G: ___________
H: ___________
I: ____________
J: ____________
K: ____________
L: ____________
M: ____________

mandolins played:

#79719 12/1/24
#72211 2/26/23
July 9 #73994 7/9/23
Fred #75702 2/18/24
Lloyd #75941 3/31/24
2006 Paul Duff F-5 #
Cleveland #75696 2/18/24
The Fern #84682
Zeibarth #72857 4/12/23
Green Hornet  #72060 2/8/23
Short Fern  #87367
22 #71633 12/20/22
Lloyd's other brother Lloyd # 72450 3/16/23

Questions?  Feel free to contact:
Mandolin Central 919-663-3551
PO Box 728
Siler City  NC  27344


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