1923 Lloyd Loar Gibson F-5 Mandolin #72450

Gibson F-5 mandolin serial number 72450 was signed and dated by acoustical engineer Lloyd Loar on March 16, 1923 and issued by the Gibson Mandolin and Guitar Co. of Kalamazoo, Michigan.  This is the only mandolin known that was signed by Lloyd Loar on March 16, and considering the quality of its appointments, construction, playability and sound, we have come to the conclusion that this instrument was given special one-on-one attention.  Simply put, we find this to be one of the best of the Lloyd Loar signed F-5s we have had. 

Features and appointments on Gibson F-5 # 72450 are original and consistent with factory specifications for this model and year and include the classic carved top and parallel tone bar construction with f-holes and long, one-piece curly maple neck  (which places the bridge in the center of the f-holes); headstock inlay consisting of “The Gibson” in mother-of-pearl and abalone flowerpot; pearl button tuners with notched endplate; all hardware silver plated; Cremona shaded-sunburst varnish finish and original Geib and Sons rectangular green-lined “faultless” case.

All aspects of Gibson F-5 #72450 are completely original and in remarkable condition.  The only aspect that gives a hint at the amount of playing this instrument has had is missing finish on the back of the neck, which is clearly worn by use and not given the “speed neck” treatment.  This mandolin has been associated with Tony Williamson since the late 1970s and appears on his “Lloyd Loar Mandolins” CD.  The tone is very Crusher-like, in fact upon hearing this recording, Mr. Grisman picked it out as his favorite from that program.  This is an opportunity to own and play a legend, one of the best of the best mandolins money can buy.  Please inquire for price!